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Rich Alexander is a Comedy Stage Hypnotist with 20 years of experience in the field of hypnosis as a practitioner and entertainer.
A master of his craft. He performs independently and with agencies for Corporations, Colleges, High Schools, Country Clubs & Communities.
A Board Certified Hypnotist and member of the National Guild of Hypnotists since 1994. An author and presenter in 2007 and 2010 at the largest hypnosis convention in the world. Interviewed by newspapers, on radio and TV for hypnosis.

Rich knows how important it is to provide clean, safe and appropriate entertainment. Hypnosis shows are great entertainment and can also give useful suggestions. Find out why Rich is one of the most professional Comedy Hypnosis acts today and guarantees your audience will enjoy the show. It’s a win/win with Rich Alexander. His shows will make your audience laugh and you'll get all the credit. People will thank you for having a great event even if you don't want them to!

The book on stage hypnosis 
"The Book on Stage Hypnosis"
By Rich Alexander
Available on Amazon 

About The Show is fast paced, fun. It will keep everyone laughing. The volunteers are hypnotized & venture into the world of the imagination. They become the stars of the show! Almost anything Rich suggests becomes reality for the participants. See volunteers fall asleep at the snap of a finger & play in fun hypnotic skits that will have your audience laughing & applauding, all without embarrassing anyone.  His captivating show will leave you begging for more as the volunteers perform. Where ever their hypnotic journey takes them, the fun and laughter of this unique entertainment experience will long be remembered by the volunteers & audience.

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What You Get When You Book Rich

  • A Clean & Hilarious Show
  • Easy Staging Requirements
  • Pre-show Music
  • Comedy Hypnosis Show
  • Professional Sound System
  • Stage lighting
  • Flexible & Easy to Work With
  • Adaptable to Just About Any Situation
  • Reasonable All Inclusive Pricing
  • Custom Routines on Request
  • Fully Insured
  • Quality Entertainment & Service
  • I Guarantee Your Audience Will Laugh

Comedy Hypnosis Show

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Rich Charges By The Event - Fees are reasonable and competitive  based on event variables such as show length, date, time, location, number of attendees, your budget ect...  

Rich loves to perform his hypnosis show and if you offer a reasonable amount within your budget he will do his best work within it. 

His show is a great value that will provide your audience with a fun & amazing show! 

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