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College logosCollege Hypnotist Rich Alexander will bring fun and laughter to your Campus or Greek event for your student audience. He has years of experience in the field of hypnosis as a practitioner and entertainer. Rich knows how important it is to provide clean, safe and appropriate entertainment. Hypnosis shows are great entertainment and can also give students useful suggestions

Thank you so much for an amazing hypnosis show last night! everyone is still talking about it! It blew my mind, and my advisors and the staff of the Student Activities Board loved it. Hope you had as great a time we all of us at NSU did! John Rubinov -

VP Social Event & Traditions - SEA Board - Nova South East University

"Everyone was laughing and having such a great time during your show no one wanted to leave. We look forward to having you again"
Philip Rogero, Resident Manager, Collegiate Village Inn, Orlando

The audience enjoyed the show very much. I just couldn't stop laughing and loved all of the show.
Catrina Bradley, Kappa Alpha Theta, Public Relations University of Central Florida

I enjoyed the hypnosis show alot and loved all of it. I could not stop laughing. Everybody should do this. Heather Fulkman - UCF Student

I was in the show and found being hypnotized very relaxing. You should do this.
Colette Santana - UCF Student

Being hypnotized was very relaxing. Megan Eastburn - UCF Student

Thank you for the great show last night Rich! Everyone loved it and we really appreciate you coming out. Thanks again, Zach Muller - Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity UCF

3 Reasons to Book College Hypnotist Rich Alexander

1) Outstanding entertainment. This show is perfect for college students and their families to attend! Rich provides a safe, exciting, and memorable experience for your event. This hypnosis show is fast moving, with age appropriate routines created for your students. Guaranteed not to offend your students or parents. College students love hypnosis shows and make the best hypnotic performers. They are the stars of the show. Amazing things happen that will "WOW" you audience. Each show is a unique event and is never the same because the volunteers and the routines change.

The Show is fast paced, fun. It will keep everyone laughing. Get ready for some side-splitting fun when you see your students go on stage to be the show. Laughs are guaranteed. The volunteers are hypnotized & venture into the world of the imagination. They are the stars of the show! Almost anything Rich suggests, becomes reality for the participants. See volunteers fall asleep at the snap of a finger & play in fun hypnotic skits that will have your audience laughing & applauding, all without embarrassing anyone. His captivating show will leave you begging for more as the volunteers perform. Where ever their hypnotic journey takes them, the fun and laughter of this unique entertainment experience will long be remembered by the volunteers & audience.

Performance length is 75-90 minutes and can be customized for your group. This show works with groups from 50-1,000 and can be performed in venues from cafeterias to theaters. Whatever size audience or venue, Rich will perform a show that your audience will enjoy. You can request routines or messages for your show and Rich will do his best to accommodate you. The volunteers on stage and those in the audience are never embarrassed in any way.

2) What you get when you hire College Hypnotist Rich Alexander is a Professional Hypnotic Entertainer. Properly trained to put your students into hypnosis and take them out. College Hypnotist Rich Alexander is easy to work with, punctual and a showman. A Board Certified Hypnotist, experienced and peforming hypnosis for audiences since 2001. He has appeared before hundreds of audiences and hypnotized thousands with a solid track record of success. You can rely on Rich to create a successful event that your students will love!

Fully insured and Safety certified. Rich can provide proof of liability insurance. He has never had a claim on his insurance and does not ever expect to, however you can rest easier knowing it is available to cover any problems that may arise and that Rich is a professional who cares enough to invest in protection for himself and you.


How Much Does It Cost? Rich Charges By The Event.  Fees are based on variables such as show length, location, date and time of performance, customization, etc... Rich loves to do his hypnosis show and if you offer a reasonable and competitive amount within your budget he will do his best work within it. If you are member of NACA or APCA or have schools you work with, block book this show and save money!

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